Custom Orders

We Love Doing Custom Work! 

Turnaround Time

Our typical turnaround time is 2-6 weeks, depending on the size of order and unique care it may take. Some orders may take longer. Turnaround time begins when your invoice has been paid in full and proof approval has been received. Dusty Road Farm will not be responsible for missed deadlines due to weather conditions, power interruptions, back-orders or errors from distributors, shipping errors or anything else outside our control. If we expect or foresee any problems, we will inform you of the problem and work with you to reach a solution.

Submitting Artwork

Artwork Creation & Ownership

Knowing what and how to submit will speed up your turnaround time. Art not supplied in print ready (SVG or PNG) format may be subject to art prep fees at our current rate. We will not be responsible for misspellings or errors in artwork afterthe final proof is approved.

ny and all artwork designed by Dusty Road Farm is our sole property. If you ask us to create a design for you, the cost includes the labor and skill to produce the piece, not the ownership and rights to said artwork. Ownership rights can be purchased in addition to the design fees.

Artwork submitted by you, which we are not creating, just printing, is not owned by Dusty Road Farm but you or its rightful owner. We will never reproduce your artwork without your consent. Additionally, we will not reproduce anyone else’s intellectual, copyrighted or trademarked property without the rightful owner’s consent.

By submitting any artwork/logos you agree that you have full permission to use and reproduce the artwork. Dusty Road Farm will not be held responsible for any illegal wrong doings. We do not support copyright infringement


We require full, up-front payment on custom orders. We will email you an invoice that will allow you to pay using various options. 


By placing a Custom order with Dusty Road Farm you agree to the above terms.

For questions, please use our Contact Us form or call us at (254)-229-0829