Pumpkin Spice Room & Linen Spray

Pumpkin Spice Room & Linen Spray

  • $10.00

Pumpkin Spice

Satisfy your Pumpkin Spice craze with our Alcohol Free Pumpkin Spice Room & Linen Spray. A rich pumpkin fragrance blended with nutmeg, vanilla and with just enough cinnamon to add some spice. Containing no harmful chemicals, it can be sprayed in any space, on linen and even on your clothes.

Freshen up any space with our Room & Linen Sprays. One spray and they'll have you wanting more! Excellent to spray in any room, on curtains, sofas, linen, in vehicles and much more! 

  • Alcohol Free
  • Free Harmful Chemicals
  • Cruelty Free